Testimonial Ten

“I am a better chiropractor as a result of this program”

Testimonial Nine

“My favorite part of the program is the cranial module. This information alone is worth the value of the entire program. This gives you a solid understanding and way to take care of the cranial system which as he says is a necessity when taking care of kids.”

Testimonial Eight

“This program offers so much to anyone seeing children in practice. I use the patient handouts every day in my practice to help educate the parents about what I am doing.”

Testimonial Seven

“Not only is the content thorough, up to date and easy to follow, the material together with the videos make the whole learning experience really interesting.”

Testimonial Six

“I was hesitant at first to buy the program, because I have done other courses and have been somewhat disappointed. But this program was everything I hoped it would be. I am 7 months pregnant and I now feel very comfortable with the prospect of assessing my newborn baby, something that (prior to completing this program), was something that terrified me.”

Testimonial Five

“I love the fact that I can constantly refer to the videos to refresh my skills”

Testimonial Four

“In the current climate of intense focus on the Chiropractic care of infants and children we all need to maintain a high level of expertise and this program ensures you do that in an easy to follow and informative way.”

Testimonial Three

“I have done numerous pediatric seminars and have even completed a Diploma in Chiropractic Pediatrics. But this program is by far the most useful post graduate education in pediatric training that I have done. Simply because it is so practical! The cranial module in particular has made a huge difference to the results I am now getting with the babies I see.”

Testimonial Two

I am an experienced chiropractor and have been seeing kids in practice for over 30 years. I would have to say that I am surprised by how much I have learnt from this course, things that have made immediate differences to the clinical outcomes I am experiencing with some of the kids I see. And I have only done module 4. I am looking forward to the other five modules.

Testimonial One

This program is amazing! The workbooks are easy to read, in depth and very well laid out. The videos are fantastic and really help you understand what to look for or how to carry out certain adjustment/assessments. It’s worth every penny, the fact that you can also carry on at your own pace is very appealing to a mum trying to juggle work and home commitments. The amount of resources in this program that you can use in practice to educate your patients as well as yourself and staff is fantastic. Love the program, thank you so much for improving my confidence in practice with pediatric patients!