Testimonial Twenty

“Elevate Pediatrics is the perfect platform to fine tune your skills with the pediatric patient, whether you are an experienced practitioner such as myself, or a relatively new graduate (like my daughter Amber). The huge number of demonstration videos make learning new adjusting techniques and examination procedures so easy. For a new grad., or an old grad. – this program is gold!”

Testimonial Nineteen

“I have used the original program for the last 5 years and it has been invaluable to me as a reference with so many of the kids I have seen in practice. But now with Elevate Pediatrics, Dr Glenn has taken chiropractic pediatric education to another level entirely. This is absolutely everything you will need, whether you are a new graduate or an experienced practitioner. Also, I cant wait to get into the Bonus Module – it looks awesome.”

Testimonial Eighteen

“Well done C4K, I’ve tried lots of other courses this surpasses all of those hands down. I thought the previous program was good, but this has taken it to a new level.The platform interface is great and the updated video content easily shows us the tools we need in practice. What to look for, when to look for it and how to manage it. The content on lower limb management is the best I have seen. This has no doubt given me the tools to have more certainty in practice and will produce better outcomes for my patients”

Testimonial Seventeen

“Dr.Glenn Maginness is a true master. He has utilised his years of experience as a pediatric chiropractor to create the most encompassing online chiropractic pediatric program ever created for the profession. The Online Pediatric CE Program is truly exceptional.”

Testimonial Sixteen

“I have had the program now for 14 months and not only has my confidence and certainty with infants and children improved out of sight, but this has had a direct impact on the number of kids I am seeing in practice. I feel that the parents now sense that they are in the right hands.”

Testimonial Fifteen

“The pediatric online program by Dr Maginness is definitely the most complete and easy to follow guide if you are serious about caring for children in your practice.”

Testimonial Fourteen

“As a 4th year student, I didn’t know if I was ready for this program. But what I have learnt so far (and I have only done module 1) has given me so much confidence, and put me streets ahead of my classmates when holding a pediatric consultation in our campus teaching clinic. I actually feel confident with talking to parents now, whereas before it was something that scared me a little.”

Testimonial Thirteen

“I have learnt so many new tools along the way in regard to assessing and adjusting infants and children, and all in the convenience of my home in my own time – which being a working mother makes life so much easier!”

Testimonial Twelve

“I live in the US and I was looking for a comprehensive program to help me learn how to better take care of kids. I was especially interested because I was expecting the birth of our first child and I wanted to give her the brightest start possible. Dr. Glenn’s program is bar none the best pediatric online program out there.”

Testimonial Eleven

“The C4K online pediatric program has been a fantastic way to increase my knowledge in pediatric chiropractic.”